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Maui Nui Venison

is sourced from invasive deer, harvested humanely and in the wild, combined with only a small handful of wholesome ingredients, making the story of our jerky simple and clear - lean, wild, good.



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The Hawaiian Islands offer some of the world's most ideal conditions for the cultivation and harvesting of venison. Introduced in the late 1800’s, Hawaii’s Axis deer have thrived for over a century without the stresses of seasons, migrations or predators, resulting in a venison that is subtly flavored, incredibly tender and notably lean, with less than 1% intra-muscular fat. Because these deer roam wild, their diet is made up of a wide array of grasses and plants that make the small amount of fat found in venison a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids; in short, great-tasting and great for you.


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Our venison is harvested from truly wild deer that roam, unrestricted, their entire lives, from Maui’s windswept grasslands to its cloud forests. We turned to innovative wild-harvesting methods in order to eliminate stress on the animal, ensure quality meat, and adhere to strict USDA requirements. Wild harvested means wild harvested. No baits, no fences, no pens, no control over what they are doing or where they will be. There is only their free rein and the great measures taken to meet them on their own wild terms.

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In our commitment to an all-natural product, we created a jerky made with only wholesome ingredients, free of gluten, MSG and nitrates. Beyond being great tasting and good for you, our venison is also good for the environment. Hawaii’s ecosystems, although extremely beautiful, are incredibly vulnerable to the impacts of invasive species, like Axis deer, which is why we proudly spearhead the mindful harvesting of deer in Hawaii as a means to balance their impact.