Maui Nui Venison arrives to you in vacuum-sealed packs, either freshly chilled or frozen. Our cuts are a great value, there is virtually no fat or sinew, providing a high yield and little cooking shrinkage. Cuts can be ordered twelve months of the year according to your requirements. Supply is limited. 

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Maui Nui Venison is versatile as well as quick and easy to prepare. Its mild yet distinct flavor and natural tenderness suits virtually any style of cooking. Cut it into steaks, create impressive roast racks, wrap medallions in bacon, prepare noisettes, chops, cutlets, kabobs, warm and cold salads, barbecue dishes and much more (even the trim is perfect for use in satay's and pasta dishes). We hope our venison will lend its quality and versatility to your own cooking and inspire innovation in all of your tasty creations.


There is a cut to meet every budget and cut requirement.  In addition to the most popular loin and rack cuts, the leg offers a larger piece of meat with a tenderness that is guaranteed and can be butchered into several different portion sizes to fit different recipes.   

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